Buying video tutorials.

Post processing is off course very important for improving your photos. It is good to learn new techniques when the weather isn't great for photography.  In recent years, a lot of great photographers made video tutorials explaining how they edit their raw-files. However, a video by a great photographer doesn't mean that the video is great. That's why I will post a list here with post-processing videos I really like.

  • Video tutorials from DANIEL KORDAN : This bundle is a great way to make your post processing better.  It's just full of great stuff, and it goes from beginner stuff to really advanced things! It's great for every photographer...Allready looking forwards to see new bundles!
  • Video tutorials from RYAN DYAR :  -> If you have a basic knowledge of photoshop, Ryan has some great videos to take it to the next level. My favourite videos of him are : 10 pro tips, 10 more pro tips, textures and mood, and painting with light.  Especially the two videos with the 10 tips are absolutely great! 
  •  Video tutorials from SEAN BAGSHAW :  -> If you start using photoshop, or start with luminosity masks, these videos are great to start with. Everything is explained very well, from the basic things in lightroom to the most difficult things in photoshop.
  • Video tutorials from ENRICO FOSSATI : If you are allready known with luminosity masks (or hava a good knowlodge of photoshop) and want see a different way to edit your pictures, then the 'dark processing and mastering the mood' video is a great video!