Illulisat (Groenland)

 Day 1 ) Normal tour (3 hours)

Day 2 ) Longer tour which include the small settlements ofKangia, Qasigiannguit, and/or Ilimanaq

Day 3) After another late one, we’ll take some time out to rest after breakfast on day three. Following a quick lunch, we’ll hop aboard our boat and head to, depending on the conditions, either Oqaatsut or Rodebay. Rodebay is a small settlement to the north of Ilulissat. There we will take a walk through the village, which currently has under fifty inhabitants. Despite the small population there is a church, a shop and a school! We will eat out that evening, in what is known as the “whalehunter’s pub”, a small restaurant with a big history. There aren’t a huge amount of options, so we may just go there for lunch instead - it’ll depend on their weekly schedule!

After eating we will head back to Ilulissat and begin a night hike Sermermiut and the nearby Sermeq Kujalleq glacier. This is where all of the Disko Bay icebergs begin their journeys. Our walk will start from the outskirts of Ilulissat, before heading past Seqinniarfik, and up to the hilltop where local people meet the first rays of sun on January 13th every year. The path is straightforward, fitted with wooden paving for the majority.

It’s around 1 hour each way, with striking views and comfortable slopes. We will have plenty of stops on the way, and enjoy the midnight sun while keeping an eye out for the local wildlife. We will spend a couple of hours harnessing our tripods and long exposures to take some memorable photographs of the Icefjord.

Day 4 ) Normal tour (3 hours)

Day 5 ) Normal tour(3 hours)