Switching cheap from the Lee filter system!

When I started my photography, I off course needed gear. And I also wanted a good filter system. In that time there were 2 options… The bad and cheap Cokin filters and the ‘good’ and expensive Lee Filters. I went for the Lee filters like almost any other photographer untill a few years ago.

The Lee filter system

I was and I still am pretty happy with my choiche for the 100mm Lee filters. Back then it was the best choiche. And in the years that followed. I bought lots of filters of them like a 3, 6 and 10 ND filter, a 2 and 3 GND filter and their famous 105mm polarisation filter.

They have all been used multiple times. But there comes the problem. The GND filters which I use most of the time, are made of plastic. And after multiple years those filters are full with scratches. So bad that at the moment I can see it in my raw files when the sun is in front of the lens! It was time for new filters…

The Lee filter pouch

I have always stored my filters in the Lee filter pouch which holds 10 filters. Or in my case. It holds 6 filters, a small camera remote, a cleaning cloth and the Lee filter holder. All of that in 1 small pouch! I absolutely love that. And with some other reasons, I decided to never buy bigger filter systems.

I just wanted to use the kit I had with some new filters. But nowadays there are a lot of companies making glass filters, which are better then plastic filters. So I started looking at those other brands and I went for the Kase Wolverine filters.

Kase Filters

Why Kase? Like a lot of other brands they come with their own filter holders and a whole range of filters. But like I said above, I wanted to use everything I had from Lee, but then with GND filters from Kase. After telling the people of Kase what I was up to. They told me that when you order a filter online, you can say in a note that you use the Lee filter system and then they would send also Kase slots for the Lee system.

I can only say they did exactly what they told me! And here comes the cheap switching solution.

The Lee - Kase filter holder

My Lee filter holder has 2 slots and then a ring where I could mount my polaristaion filter on.

  • The first slot of the filter remains a Lee slot. In that way I can still use my all my Lee filters in the correct way. The Little stopper (6ND) and Big stopper (10ND) must be places in the first slot for light pollution.

  • The second slot of the filter changes to a Kase slot. In that way I can use the glass Kase filters. And by doing it in this order, you can still use a Lee ND filter in combination with a Kase GND filter.

By doing it this way, I can change my system in a slowly way instead of buying a new filter holder with lots of new filters in one go…